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The ACE Charter School opened its doors on August 12, 2010 on the campus of Hemlock Elementary. Although a new charter school, ACE is an outgrowth of the ACE program that enjoyed a rich, 19 year history at Markham Elementary School. Our school's mission statement, philosophy and educational program are based on the same principles that led to the success of the ACE program. Three of the four core teachers of the ACE program are currently teaching at the ACE Charter School. Additionally, our Charter School shares Hemlock Elementary's principal, Griselda Rodriguez.

This website is set up to give current ACE families and interested families a way to get an overview of what our school is about and how our teachers, parents and principal work together to create the unique environment found at ACE. Some points of interest are:

What makes our school different from other elementary schools in VUSD lies in our Educational Program and our family participation requirement. ACE Charter school both allows and highly encourages parents/guardians to bring their skills into the classroom. Whatever your passion - music, science, technology, etc - there are plenty of opportunities to share them with the students or assist the teachers or parent leads with their jobs.

 If ACE seems like a good match for you and your child, please click here to learn more about enrolling in our school.

History of Markham ACE Program

The Alternative Cooperative Education program (ACE Program) was an alternative program created within Vacaville Unified School District in 1991. The ACE program was started by parents who wanted to become more involved in the classroom. These parents, along with a core group of VUSD teachers, created a program that was run as a “school within a school” at Markham Elementary. The ACE Program had always drawn students from all over the district as well as students from other districts and the homeschooling community. Parents were allowed to be involved members of the educational community created within the ACE Program. They provided one on one or small group tutoring in academic areas as well as assisted with administrative tasks. Parents also ran committees and led classroom activities that resulted in an enriched learning environment. As a result, the ACE Program thrived, often with waiting lists of students whose families desired placement within this program.

ACE Charter School's Calendar

The ACE Charter School has a slightly modified calendar as compared to other VUSD Elementary Schools. To view a copy, click here.

Holidays and Minimum Days

To see the Holidays and Minimum Days for 2013-14, click here.